Recession Bars Now Available in Data-Planet™ Statistical Datasets

Data-Planet is pleased to announce that National Bureau of Economic Research Business Cycle Reference Dates are now available in the Data-Planet repository. Known as recession bars, the time series provides a graphical representation of business cycles in the United States economy dating to 1850, based on cycle begin and dates defined by the NBER Business Cycle Dating Committee. The Committee considers a “recession” or contraction as a period of diminishing (vs diminished) activity and an expansion as a period of increasing economic activity.

The bars display in Data-Planet as a trend showing periods when the economy is in a period of contraction vs expansion:

Manipulation of the bars using the powerful Statistical Datasets technology that allows the user to create overlays of multiple indicators revealing relationships among them. For example, compare housing starts to recession trends:

The Data-Planet repository provides direct access to more than 3.9 billion time series from more than 70 source organizations, covering 16 topical areas, ranging from agriculture and food, to banking, finance, industry, population and income, and much, much more.


 The repository is accessible via two interfaces:


  • Data-Planet Statistical Datasets provides powerful capabilities to dynamically compare and manipulate the billions of statistical indicators available in the Data-Planet repository.
  •  The new Data-Planet Statistical Ready Reference is built on the same content repository, but is designed for quick statistical lookups with the ease of a simple search box. Statistical Ready Reference is currently in beta testing and we would be delighted to have you participate: register here for more details.


Data-Planet can be accessed directly at Contact us at for further information.


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