Paratext Completes Integration of Data-Planet DataSheets

An extensive collection of Data-PlanetTM DataSheets is now indexed, linked, and integrated into Paratext­­­TM Public Documents Masterfile­­­­­­ TM.  Researchers can now query over 150,000 metadata records representing authoritative publicly and privately sourced datasets.

Libraries who subscribe to both services will link directly from the search results in Public Documents Masterfile to Data-Planet’s DataSheets, which provide a cleanly formatted visual representation of the data, links to the underlying data, and contextual descriptions of the data source, indicator, and dataset from which the indicator derives. Public Documents Masterfile users not subscribed to Data-Planet will link directly to the DataSheet statistical abstract and citation.

Public Documents Masterfile provides electronic, single-search access to United States government publications from 1789 to present. It is designed to unlock new original research material for American Studies programs, government data repositories, and Congressional, Executive and Legislative branch information.

The Data-Planet repository contains more than 18.9 billion data points from more than 70 source organizations. There are millions of charts, maps, views, rankings, time series and tables available for use in the Data-Planet repository. All of the data have been standardized and structured, and are described with up to 37 fields of metadata, including a controlled vocabulary.  The datasets cover topics across 16 broad subject areas, including Agriculture and Food; Banking, Finance, and Insurance; Criminal Justice; Education; Energy Resources and Industries; Government and Politics; Health; Housing and Construction; Industry; Commerce; International Relations; Labor; Defense; and more. The extensive Data-Planet repository is searchable in the new Statistical Ready Reference interface designed specifically for quick searching of statistical data, as well as in the powerful Data-Planet Statistical Datasets platform.

President Matt Dunie remarked: “Adding our DataSheets to Public Documents Masterfile streamlines the search process for those interested in finding statistical data relevant to government documents. We’re delighted to provide another avenue for researchers to surface statistical data.”

Eric Calaluca, Paratext CEO commented­­­: “As each month passes, Paratext receives additional requests for granular, highly focused content from federally funded government datasets. Data-Planet has no equal in delivering this kind of content, and incorporating the full extent of their content into our Public Documents Masterfile service enriches research at all levels of inquiry.”

About Data-Planet

Data-Planet delivers officially sourced statistical data made usable by applying standards to data that does not adhere to standards, harmonizing disparate datasets, and applying descriptive information and metadata to make data more findable. The result, built over several years, is Data-Planet: a very large dynamic repository with the ability to ingest massive amounts of statistical data combined with descriptive content and a robust suite of visualization, search, and analysis capabilities on a single platform. For more information, see

Managing Editor:    Jill Blaemers

About Paratext

Paratext, founded in 1993, is an independent library information company based in Northern Virginia. Paratext produces authoritative research databases, in History, Major Reference Works, and US Government Documents. Paratext products are used within academic, public, and specialized libraries in North America and throughout the world. For more information, see

Communications Manager:       Sara Allen

Bethesda, Maryland - October 22, 2014

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