Migration to Data-Planet™ Statistical Datasets New Java-free UI Effective August 8, 2014

In previews since March 2014, the new user interface for Data-Planet™ is now the primary access point for users of Data-Planet Statistical Datasets, the largest statistical aggregation currently available on the market. This Java-free UI offers new features and functionality, including cleaner usability, more charting options, and the integration of a more powerful search capability. Visualizations also now appear in-line with statistical abstracts.

Many customers have already elected to use this interface as their primary access point to Statistical Datasets. As of August 8, 2014, all customers are transitioned, with log-in links automatically redirected from previous access URLs to: http://statisticaldatasets.data-planet.com/dataplanet/. No action is necessary on the part of customers or users to effect this change. The older Java version will be sunsetted by October 1, 2014. 

“With this seamless transition, our users will be able to access the vast Data-Planet repository in a Java-free environment,” reports President Matt Dunie. “We built this interface in collaboration with our customers and we are delighted with the new features and functionalities that the new UI delivers.”

The Data-Planet repository of statistical content currently holds more than 18.9 billion data points presented in in multiple visualization options (maps, trends, tables, rankings). The datasets are sourced from reputable public and private organizations and cover topics across 16 broad subject areas, including Agriculture and Food; Banking, Finance, and Insurance; Criminal Justice; Education; Energy Resources and Industries; Government and Politics; Health; Housing and Construction; Industry; Commerce; International Relations; Labor; Defense; and more. The extensive Data-Planet repository is also searchable in the Statistical Ready Reference interface designed specifically for quick searching of statistical data, as well as in the powerful Data-Planet Statistical Datasets platform. For more information, contact info@data-planet.com .

About Data Planet

Data-Planet delivers officially sourced statistical data made usable by applying standards to data that does not adhere to standards, harmonizing disparate datasets, and applying descriptive information and metadata to make data more findable. The result, built over several years, is Data-Planet: a very large dynamic repository with the ability to ingest massive amounts of statistical data combined with descriptive content and a robust suite of visualization, search, and analysis capabilities on a single platform. For more information, see www.data-planet.com .

Bethesda, Maryland — August 8, 2014

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