Information Advisor’s Guide to Internet Research Reviewer Is Impressed with Data-Planet!

Co-Editor Robert Berkman presents a detailed discussion of the Data-Planet repository and platform in his review, “Data-Planet Offers a Universe of Statistical Information,” published in the Information Advisor’s Guide to Internet Research  in May 2015. Following a thorough analysis of the platform, Berkman makes a positive evaluation of its content and functionality, and offers insightful recommendations for enhancements.

Berkman concludes that ““We were extremely impressed with Data-Planet. It seems to have done (nearly) everything right. It has culled some of the best public datasets available, did an outstanding job of normalizing the data for a seamless browse and search experience, provides superb value-added features, including the overlay and calculation, and is well-thought-out and intelligently designed throughout. The intense attention to quality, clarity, and detail is evident, and the online help and assistance pages are excellent as well.”

The Data-Planet repository provides access to over 4.3 billion structured and harmonized datasets sourced from authoritative public and private organizations. Detailed descriptive metadata are applied to the datasets, and the Data-Planet platform offers a robust suite of visualization, search, and analysis capabilities. Data and views can be exported via multiple formats; and DOI links ensure continued access to the view at the time it was created. The Data-Planet platform also facilitates storage, accessibility, usability, maintenance and archiving of institutional and researcher data as part of a data management plan.

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Bethesda, Maryland — September 3, 2015

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