Data-Planet Statistical Ready Reference Released to Production!

Data-Planet™ is delighted to announce that the new Data-Planet Statistical Ready Reference interface is out of beta and ready for production release. The release follows further development undertaken in response to input obtained from 5,502 user sessions across 108 organizations during June through August of 2013.

 Based on evaluation of that feedback, the basic search front screen has been modified and several new capabilities added: 

  • Category, International, and State Navigation Tabs --Use these to quickly discover overview statistics by subject or geography.
  • Map Navigation -- Make quick search selections by clicking on geographic entities in a map.
  • Data-Planet Statistical Snapshots --- Generated daily, a snapshot overview of topical indicators has been added on the front screen.  Each Snapshot has a DOI and links to related statistics mapped from the Data-Planet controlled vocabulary.
  • DataSheet enhancements include the option to provoke a new search and refinement of Related Content categories.
  • The type-ahead feature in basic search has been further refined to provide very precise searching of the Data-Planet repository.

According to Matt Dunie, Data-Planet President, “Through the course of the open beta, it has been wonderful to hear the excitement from users as they explore our vast repository of data, infographics, and statistical abstracts. As one of our testers remarked, other products that aggregate statistical reports provide some of what we want, Data-Planet takes us straight to it and so much more!”     

Data-Planet Statistical Ready Reference is available for all Data-Planet subscribers free of charge. Use this interface to quickly isolate variables of interest and export to DataSheets containing infographics and statistical abstracts. From the DataSheet, users can also access Data-Planet Statistical Datasets, with its powerful capabilities to dynamically compare and manipulate the tens of billions of statistical indicators available in the Data-Planet repository.     

The Data-Planet repository of statistical content currently holds more than 3.9 billion datasets viewable as maps, trends, tables, and/or rankings. The datasets are sourced from over 70 reputable public and private organizations and cover topics across 16 broad subject areas, including education, population and income, industry, commerce, trade, housing and construction, and much more. All of the data have been standardized and structured, and are described with 37 fields of metadata.

Subscribers can access Data-Planet Statistical Ready Reference directly at Visit the Data-Planet subject guides, including a new outreach kit for libraries, for more information and search help. Sign up here to schedule overview webinars for library staff and users.

Contact us at for further information.

Bethesda, Maryland — September 13, 2013

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