Charleston Advisor Review Scores Data-Planet™ 4-1/8 out of 5!

We are proud to announce publication of a review of Data-Planet in the Charleston Advisor April 2015 issue. Reviewer Jennifer Starkey of Oberlin College in Ohio offers a thorough and thoughtful assessment of the Data-Planet repository of statistical data, and assigns a composite score of 4-1/8 stars out of a possible 5 for Content, User Interface/Searchability, Pricing, and Contract Options.

Ms. Starkey recognizes that “there are no products that directly compete with Data-Planet, but there are a number of resources specializing in access to statistical information that are available to libraries.” She concludes that “Data-Planet rates highly in comparison, with its broad coverage of subjects, focus on time series data, provision of raw data that can be downloaded or viewed using the analytical tools, and the overall number of data sources available.” The full text of the review is openly available on the Charleston Advisor website.

The Data-Planet repository provides access to over 3.9 billion structured and harmonized datasets sourced from authoritative public and private organizations.  Detailed descriptive metadata are applied to the datasets, and the Data-Planet platform offers a robust suite of visualization, search, and analysis capabilities. Data and views can be exported via multiple formats; and DOI links ensure continued access to the view at the time it was created. The Data-Planet platform also facilitates storage, accessibility, usability, maintenance and archiving of institutional and researcher data as part of a data management plan.

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Bethesda, Maryland — May 7, 2015

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